Straight Talking Digital

candid is a young digital agency with talent and honesty at its core. We develop creative and intelligent digital solutions that solve problems and deliver genuine worth, while meeting your key business objectives.

Agency & Contract Clients

As well as our direct client base we also provide development resource and digital consultancy to other agencies based in the South West and London areas. Combining our technical skills with 100% reliability we have built several long term relationships over the past few years. Our contract work has seen us collaborating on some huge projects for national and international clients.


We work closely with Fanatic to help them deliver the high quality websites that their clients have come to expect. Often integrated directly into their team we work in house from project conception to delivery.


Our relationship with Rockpool Digital began in 2008. We provide a highly flexible technical development resource that enables them to react quickly to their clients demanding requirements.


If you have worked in digital in Bristol then you will no doubt have heard of E3. Candid began helping out on their campaign based projects in January 2012.

Waste Source

Waste Source was born in 2010 with the mission statement to make waste disposal and recycling a simpler, cheaper and more effective process for their clients. Candid has been working on their internal managament software and their external facing website since they started out.

What Is Online Booking?

The internet has become a key part of many successful businesses. Most businesses use an online reservation management system to keep track of their customers who choose to book online. Even with these systems becoming more popular, the online bookings definition is still misunderstood by many business owners and customers alike.   What is the …

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Benefits Of Using Training Management Software

Most businesses out there are looking for the best employee training solutions available. Industry based training is being given the most utmost importance in order to enhance individual and organizational productivity. This has led to increased demand for training management software solutions. Benefits of using training management software Training and class organizers can provide an …

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